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Those Who Come Along: A Spiral Song of Souls (Paperback)

Those Who Come Along: A Spiral Song of Souls Cover Image
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Those Who Come Along is a first-hand account of how Linda and Henry Harrell encountered the Spirits of two Native children on their land above the Kennebec River in Maine. It also tells some of Linda's own life story and how it led her to that place and that moment. Together, she and Henry, along with other Shamanic practitioners, helped the children find peace and began to repair the harm and heal the land that is now in their care. The story also has elements of a teaching story, for as Linda says, "Grief experienced fully for past actions must result in changes in those actions to consider all Relations in the future."

"This is a story of human souls who, for whatever reason, were meant to come together for a particular purpose. It is written for those it is meant for, at the urging of Spirit. I have been its holder, its translator, its voice, and now its author. I am asked to speak for a child no longer incarnate, about what she felt in a moment of purpose. Know that I am one of the persons who remember. At nearly sixty-four, I am grateful to be spending each of my days trying to figure out how best to fulfill the purpose to which I agreed. This story is one such attempt." -Linda Harrell, from the introduction to Those Who Come Along

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737175209
ISBN-10: 1737175207
Publisher: Phoenix Tkd, Inc.
Publication Date: June 7th, 2021
Pages: 108
Language: English