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What Is Lightbody? (Paperback)

What Is Lightbody? Cover Image
By Tashira Tachi-Ren, Aliyah Ziondra (Foreword by), Zarazaiel Yovel (Contribution by)
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In July of 1989, Tashira and Suzane Coronis formed Angelic Outreach to be the first physical plane expression of the Council of Ein Sophs vision of multi-universal ascension. Angelic Outreach was designed to support incarnate Lightworkers to awaken to their multidimensional vastness, embody Divinity, and to lighten up planet Earth. On May 30, 1994 a dramatic shift occurred in the Divine Plan for planet Earth. The entire time frame for planetary ascension was accelerated. In June, 1994, many of you experienced the surfacing of intense survival fear and enemy patterning, old physical traumas briefly reappeared, time accelerated and you feel frustrated about completing projects. These energies were emerging out of your genetic encodements. If you know what is happening to you and know that it is part of a coherent process, then you feel less crazy. The purpose of "What is Lightbody?" is to allow you to find your place in that process. Every decision that each of us makes affects the ascension process. We are co-creative Masters, beings of Light, and we see you as Light Masters also.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780962720956
ISBN-10: 096272095X
Publisher: World Tree Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2000
Pages: 146
Language: English