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Author Information

AUTHORS--Please read this BEFORE sending us your book information. 

Drury Lane Books gets many, many requests to carry books from both self-published and traditionally published authors, and we don't have the space to carry them all. We are unable to accommodate walk-in visits or telephone inquiries as when our doors are open we’re focused on helping customers, pricing and shelving books, and other day to day activities which keep the doors open.  

Book info should be sent to, please include your locale in the subject line. Please include your name and where you live, the book title, publication date, the ISBN, a writing sample, what your local target audience will be here in Grand Marais, and how you plan to promote your book here.

If you choose to leave or mail a copy of your book it will be considered a free review copy. 

Please note that since we receive so many requests we can’t personally reply to all inquiries, but we will review the info you send to see if it’s a good fit for our store.


I wrote a book, will you carry it?

Not automatically, but we will review it. We need to carry books we can sell, so we are looking for:

-Authors living in the immediate area are in the most demand as far as self-published books go. 

-Authors who are writing about our area, books with a local theme sell well.

-Quality: professionally edited and formatted, free of errors, priced according to type and genre, well-written, and with an attractive cover and quality paper. For children’s books, high quality illustrations are also a must. 

-Aligns with our collection: we carefully curate each section of our store, making space for new popular books and keeping room for our favorites, classics, and books we think are important. We are always looking for diverse voices and unique stories. This means we have to be picky, so we thank you for your understanding if we decide not to carry your book!

If you decide to carry the book, how will you get copies?

If your book has been published through a traditional publisher and we feel we have the appropriate audience for it we will order it through them or one of our regular distributors (Ingram, Itasca, University of Chicago) on standard industry terms (40-50% wholesale discount).  If your book is self-published and not available through our regular distributors, or does not have the standard terms, we may decide to purchase from you directly.  We generally start with 2-5 copies, depending on the genre, and reorder as they sell. At this time we don’t do consignment.  Send people to indie bookstores to buy your book!  Register your book with so it can be listed on our website and other indie bookstore sites. Whenever you do publicity for your book, list all local outlets. People buying your book from us means we can buy more copies from you.


Can I have a signing at your store?

We don’t have the space or the traffic flow to have a daytime book signing, but we hold hour-long author readings and signings on weekend evenings in the summer and fall.  If your book has been selling well for us or if there is strong local demand, we will contact you to schedule an event. 


Do you have any tips for making my book successful in a bookstore?

Publishing your book is a big, exciting step.  To end up with the best product you can, a book to be proud of and one people want to read, we have some very basic tips:

  1. We strongly encourage all authors to have their book professionally edited. A potential reader flipping through your book will likely walk away if there are obvious spelling errors (particularly on the cover).

  2. Think about hiring a professional graphic designer to do your cover and layout–given a choice the public is much more likely to pick up a book that looks good. Formatting errors disrupt the flow of a story (for fiction) or can cause real confusion about events (for nonfiction). The book title and preferably your name should be printed on the spine.

  3. Buy an ISBN and have a barcode printed on the back cover. It’s difficult to restock your book if we can’t easily track it in our system.

  4. Go with an affordable publishing company so you can price your book reasonably within its genre. Look at other published books in the same genre, trim, and bulk to get an idea of common pricing and price your book accordingly. You don’t necessarily need to print the price on the back cover but be consistent; your book should sell for the same price through every outlet.


About self-publishing versus traditional publishing:

IngramSpark, Beaver’s Pond Press, Createspace, and many other companies are used by authors to format, sometimes edit, print, and distribute the book. This is considered self-publishing. The author pays for these services. There usually isn't a selective process, the company will print pretty much any book. This is different from traditional publishing, whether a small press like Milkweed Editions or a large publisher like Penguin Random House. To be traditionally published, an author usually has a book agent, submits manuscripts and may have many rejections. The editing process is also much more intense. This "gatekeeping" is hard to break into, but the content, formatting, presentation, and illustrations of traditionally published books is very high quality, particularly children’s books. The author doesn't pay for the publishing, but instead receives royalties after a certain point.